High Goal Services

Drawing on inspiration from polo, Peter Charles Jewelry builds on the passion, imagery, and sophistication of the sport, brought to life in jewelry for a high goal lifestyle. Our goal is quality and service for all your jewelry needs. Our highly skilled jewelers and gemologists, with the creativity and expertise of Peter Charles, we can accommodate every request, whether it is a simple jewelry repair or a custom designed piece made especially for you. Big or small, simple or complex, we provide the same level of care, expertise and courtesy to all.

Custom Designs

At Peter Charles, we are here to help you commemorate your special moments in jewelry. Peter Charles will work closely with you to design that perfect creation to celebrate a win on the field or something precious, just because. Also, all of our existing creations in the e-boutique are custom made & can be tailored just for you. Email info@petercharlesjewelry.com to schedule a consultation.

Jewelry Concierge 

Your time is valuable! Life never stops, nor should your jeweler! Peter Charles is at your service for your jewelry needs, on and off the field. On the airstrip, at the polo club, at your office or field side after a match, or simply spending some precious time at home, Peter Charles is at your fingertips and your doorstep - in-person or virtual. Email info@petercharlesjewelry.com to inquire about our private sales and services. 


At Peter Charles Jewelry, we provide appraisal services to ensure your most cherished valuables have formal documentation identifying their value. Insurance letters are complementary with a new purchase. Due to fluctuating market conditions, we strongly advise that you have your documents updated every five years or so.